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Taylor Swift “I Knew You Were Trouble” Live at the AMAs – Fanboy Squeal!

Taylor Swift getting down on the cold hard ground. Sick!

Today begins my Thanksgiving break from school, which means more time for blogging! I’ll start off with this fanboy post about Taylor Swift’s live performance of “I Knew You Were Trouble” at the American Music Awards. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check it out here and have your mind blown.

There are several things that could have gone wrong with this performance. “I Knew You Were Trouble” is not an easy song to perform live – unlike most of her other songs, Swift can’t simply sit on a stool and strum a guitar while looking pretty. It’s more dynamic, and features dub step. As most of her fans know, it’s new territory for her.

However, she made it work wonderfully. Continue reading


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Thoughts on Taylor Swift “Begin Again” Music Video

Last week, Taylor Swift released her album Red. Earlier this week, she released the music video for one of the songs on her album, “Begin Again.” Though neither impressed me, I’m not sure I have the stamina to go through every song on her album – so this will suffice for now.

It is guaranteed that T-Swift will be gorgeous in all of her music videos. Even when she’s twirling around in a thin dress on top of a building in Paris.

As most fans noticed, Swift took a more hybrid approach in terms of her music on Red. “Begin Again” is actually one of the more country songs on the album Continue reading

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Taylor Swift Redeems Herself With “Ronan”

T-Swift at her peak, holding back tears. I admire her!

I heard “Ronan” two days ago right after returning home from school. After listening to the song for fifteen minutes, I literally had to exit out of ITunes so I could staunch the flow of tears trailing down my face.

Musically, this song is breathtakingly beautiful. Continue reading


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Taylor Swift “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Music Video Review

Taylor Swift dancing in her pajamas with people in bear costumes playing guitars. Pretty much summarizes the entire video.

I’ve waited to share my thoughts on Taylor Swift’s latest song until its music video came out. Now it is time for Thomas to brutally analyze and tear apart T-Swift’s latest work… well, not really. At least not in third person.

Two Sundays ago I was alone in my best friend’s apartment doing laundry, and guess what song I sang and danced to the entire time? “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. The fact that I’m unafraid to admit it shows how catchy this song is – unless her shining success on the charts is enough. I mean, the song title has twelve syllables, and Swift still manages to make it an upbeat, sing-along friendly pop tune.

But, that’s all it is. Continue reading


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Wonder Girls’ “Like Money” – That’s Offensive…

Wonder Girls gives breaking into the American pop mainstream another shot, this time with Akon’s assistance. Before I go into the ridiculous song title and overall theme of the song, let me try and properly evaluate the single as best a non-music oriented person can. Continue reading


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Thoughts on Adam Lambert’s Trespassing – Divalicious and Deep

Photo via

I remember watching Adam Lambert on “American Idol” a few years ago, and being genuinely impressed by his fantastic voice and greatly amused by his flamboyant style. He’s had his ups and downs since then with some controversy early in his music career, but he’s definitely shown more signs of success and prominence than others who have graduated from Idol. And with Trespassing, it is clear that Lambert has grown more comfortable with his music and has developed overall as an artist. The album displays his range, his variety, and his personality in a dark yet pellucid manner I find intoxicating. Continue reading


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Introducing Holden Nowell… I Mean, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen

What have I been listening to lately? Besides “We Are Young” by Fun, I’ve been constantly replaying “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. You can watch the music video here.

In the video, Jepsen kind of creepily stalks, er, watches her next-door neighbor... but it's in the name of love, so it's okay.

“Call Me Maybe” doesn’t possess much depth, but it is an extraordinarily cute song about a girl who is head-over-heels in love with a guy and is waiting for him to call her. Compared to all the other club/drugs/sex-centered songs on the radio nowadays, “Call Me Maybe” offers a refreshing respite coupled with a catchy chorus and well-written verses. It’s the antithesis of trashy and meretricious – it’s fun and lighthearted, sort of like a love at first sight type of thing. Continue reading


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“Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift, “Give Me All Your Luvin'” by Madonna, and “Glad You Came” by The Wanted

Here are my thoughts on some recently-released pop songs. Feel free to comment on whether you agree or disagree with my views, or if you have anything else to add!

1. “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift: I described this song in an earlier post about Taylor Swift as “emotional, haunting, and memorable.” The video validates this critique of the song, as it adds another layer of complexity to what is a pretty clear song. There’s an air of eeriness and uncertainty as Swift progresses through the video – the setting evokes a chilly and uncomfortable (in a good way) feel, and it’s powerful in its simplicity. Swift appears striking despite not wearing any makeup and plays the part of a ghostly, pure young adult well.

In an interview Swift stated that they shot the video in a cemetery, the grave site of a couple who died in the nineteenth century. And here she is, sitting on a gravestone...

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Is Taylor Lautner Gay? Is Justin Bieber Really a Jerk? I Know the Answers! … Sort Of.

So, this is Taylor Lautner. He isn't, uh, bad looking, I suppose.

After fanboying over locating some pictures of Lautner, it’s understandable why some people would spend time pondering whether or not he’s homosexual. I mean, despite the fact that almost all of his fans will never ever get to engage in a romantic relationship with him, or even be friends with him (sorry if I’m breaking hearts now), it’s fun to think about. Sort of how I like to think about how awesome it would be if I were to have friends.

But the thing is, it is impossible to deduce Lautner’s sexuality unless one were to ask him themselves. That goes for any celebrity, really. Even then, he may lie to you, but still – one can waste hours wondering if that glance at Robert Pattinson in “Twilight” was filled with hidden longing, or if that gesture he made in “New Moon” actually represented his repressed desires for men, or if the second letter of every word he said in one of his interviews secretly spelled out “I like boys.” And yet, it will forever remain a mystery, because his sexual orientation is only his business and does not affect his ability to act, sing, play basketball, or look sexy at all.

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Time to Laud Taylor Swift (thoughts on “Enchanted”, “Mean”, and “Safe and Sound”)

So I’ve been planning to write a post in defense of pop music, but after watching Rihanna’s uncomfortable music video and this gaudy music video from LMFAO, I’m not sure I can anytime soon. I like “You Da One” despite my inner grammar freak’s distaste towards its title (“it should be “You’re the One”! “You’re the One!”), but it would’ve been nice not to have been constantly exposed to Rihanna’s crotch-thrusting. As for “Sexy and I Know It”, I’m capable of comprehending why the song is catchy (its beat), but the plain raunchiness of it perturbs me. I’m glad Youtube added the age block to it, because I was scarred after seeing the first minute of that video – I don’t recommend you watch it unless you want some serious sexuality displayed on your computer screen.

How does this lead me to Taylor Swift? I’ve already sung her praises (get it? she’s a singer? anyway) in this post, but due to my lack of commentary on pop music lately, I’ve decided to publish some mini-reviews/thoughts on her latest work. I’m not her hugest fan, but I respect how she keeps her work clean yet still catchy and relatable. Not that I have anything against slightly sexual music, but there are limits – limits that were clearly broken in LMFAO’s most recent video.

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