Contact Information

Here is where I’m going to give you more ways to stalk me and send me all of your love to boost my nonexistent self-esteem contact me!

First, here’s a contact form that you can fill out in order to send me a spectacular message detailing how much you love or hate me, why you’re more of a fanboy/fangirl concerning certain fictional characters/relationships than I am (good luck with that one), something you’re embarrassed about (can’t be worse than what I post), what you think of my blog, or just a plain old hello (I like these, too).

Also, this is my gorgeous (aka, mediocre) Goodreads page where you can see my book selections in greater detail or read earlier book reviews I haven’t bothered posting on this blog yet. Some of my reviews reach back from before my high school years – I’m currently a college freshman – so don’t expect pulchritude everywhere you turn.

Goodreads profile

And, alas, I have given into peer pressure and created a tumblr. For now I use it to obsess over and analyze Queer as Folk, though I may add more variety to it later.


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