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Have a question, comment, or concern about one of my posts you would rather message me about than address for all the internet to see? Want to talk/obsess about fictional characters/relationships? Interested in discussing college, psychology, pop music, Asian-American identity, sexuality, growing up, life, etc.? Please feel free to fill out this contact form here!

You can also find me on Goodreads, where I literally – literally – review every book I read, which I have been doing for six years. Yes, six years of Thomas’s thoughts on books, ranging from his early high school fanboy phase to his middle-of-college fanboy phase. I read a variety of books ranging from adult contemporary fiction to nonfiction about Psychology and science to young-adult literature and more. Check it out:

Goodreads profile

Also, if you want access to my Facebook and/or Tumblr (which I rarely use), message me and let me know! Hope to hear from you soon, either way, and may you have a pulchritudinous day.

*quick disclaimer: I apologize if I take some time to respond to comments and messages. I read all of them, but college (research, two jobs, classes, activities, etc.) keeps me busy. I appreciate everything you wonderful folk write. I really, really do. Every word means the world.

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