Have a question, comment, or concern about one of my posts you would rather message me about than address for all the internet to see? Want to talk/obsess about fictional characters/relationships? Interested in discussing college, psychology, pop music, Asian American identity, sexuality, growing up, life, etc.? Please feel free to fill out this contact form here!

You can also find me on Goodreads, where I literally – literally – review every book I read, which I have been doing for six years. Yes, six years of Thomas’s thoughts on books, ranging from his early high school fanboy phase to his middle-of-college fanboy phase. I read a variety of books ranging from adult contemporary fiction to nonfiction about Psychology and science to young-adult literature and more. Check it out:

Goodreads profile

Also, if you want access to my Facebook and/or Tumblr (which I rarely use), message me and let me know! Hope to hear from you soon, either way, and may you have a pulchritudinous day.

*quick disclaimer: I apologize if I take some time to respond to comments and messages. I read all of them, but college (research, two jobs, classes, activities, etc.) keeps me busy. I appreciate everything you wonderful folk write. I really, really do. Every word means the world.

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