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This blog and all of its posts written by Thomas are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Just leaving this here after an unfortunate episode of plagiarism that took place a few years ago. Please ask for permission if you want to share any of my writing here, as I love collaboration and learning from other writers! If you have any questions, you reach me via my “Contact Information” page.

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7 responses to “Copyright

  1. (though I have to admit, it’s surprising that someone would steal something that I wrote… if you’re going to try to steal something, shouldn’t it be something worth your while?)

    Self-depreciating again are we? You know your stuff is gold, and yes it is sad that we all have to do this, for some thinking for themselves is such a hardship, they know who they are. Solution? Read more, people.

    • Ah yes, this time it’s somewhat for humor though. And thank you, you are absolutely right – reading is the solution, as well as trying to write more of one’s own original work instead of stealing that of others. Practice makes perfect.

  2. chaiichi05

    It’s not your fault you write great article 😀 haha. It’s an honor that someone stole your work.

  3. Karabo Matome

    I’m not gonna steal your posts but I’ll show bloggers here in South Africa great blogging is done, I like this blog!

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