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Summer/ 10,000 views/ So You Think You Can Dance Season 8

So this post is a huge personal update, including some stuff about So You Think You Can Dance season 8.

First off, summer has arrived! As most of my readers know, I’m in high school – I took my last exams today and now I’m free for a few months. Not free, exactly…

I want to be active this summer, so here are some of my plans:
– Volunteer at my local library a couple hours every week (like I’ve been doing)
– Catch up on my reading, keep up with my goal to read 100 books this year
– Volunteer as a CIT (Counselor-In-Training) at a day camp for young children for two weeks
– Participate in a tennis camp for two or three weeks, and stay in shape through running the rest of the summer
– Study for the SAT, especially math
– Write more blog posts, short stories, and possibly start a novel
– Enjoy my cruise trip that will take place in late July
-… and more! Summer homework, hanging out with friends, etc.

Gone with the Wind. So long, yet so worth it.

This blog reached 10,000 views a couple of days ago, so thank you so to all my subscribers and commenters for the support as well as those who just drop in to read a post or two. It’s really appreciated. This blog has served as a special and fantastic way to express myself, my opinions, and share what I think about a myriad of subjects.

Finally, So You Think You Can Dance season eight is underway! SYTYCD is literally the only television show I watch, and I always enjoy cheering for my favorites as they rock the dance floor (and imitating them… poorly). Lady Gaga is going to make an appearance as a guest judge later on in the season – I’m looking forward to the constructive criticism she’ll give the contestants. Here are my two current favorites of season eight:

Iveta Lukosuite! While I was slightly disappointed there would only be one dancer specializing in ballroom this year, her fierceness and experience make up for it. Image via FOX.

Yeah, he has a bullet in his arm, that's cool. But dang, he's HOT. Marko Germar is a competitor to watch out for this season. Image via FOX.

What are your plans for the summer? Anything noteworthy? Also, if you watch So You Think You Can Dance, who are your favorite contestants this season?


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