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Help Me Home (College Post #4)

“Your first free write is to describe a setting,” my Creative Writing professor says. “Any setting. Go.”

My classmates’ pens hit paper like divers launching into a swimming pool – a blur of movement, and they’re off, splashes of syllables and sentences trailing in their wake. Meanwhile, I clutch the edge of the desk, my pencil forgotten in the kiddie pool.

“I cannot believe you would date him,” I say. “He’s clearly an idiot. Like 2% milk, just replace ‘milk’ with ‘brain cells.'”

Wait, I think, that’s dialogue, not setting. By the time I finish one sentence about a sprawling suburbia filled with shallow parents longing for their kids to do something other than each other, my professor calls time. I glance at my friend across from me, and I take a small breath of relief when I see she’s only written a couple of sentences.

Until she flips the page of her notebook, revealing several fleshed-out paragraphs. Go figure. Continue reading



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Reflections on Magic Mike, the Comfort Zone, and the Concept of YOLO

I originally was going to use a picture from the movie, but realized they were all too inappropriate… (image via thecinemasource.com)

I had to debate whether or not I should write this post. I ended up making a pros v. cons list – pros: I can start a cycle of reflecting about every movie I see on my blog, I can share my thoughts about a somewhat important societal issue, I can include a picture of Channing Tatum on my blog, cons: college admissions officers might see this and doubt my innocence/how well I spend my time.

Well, the pros won.

I’ll keep my thoughts on the movie short, as I’m no professional film reviewer. Continue reading


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