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Finding Funny

Today, I was accused of sleeping with a female friend.

Today, also, I had a friend come to my house for the first time in about four years.

It felt so strange when she entered the front door. To see a living, breathing, friend step foot into where I reside. The last time I had a friend over was in middle school, and that had ended badly. He had touched and repositioned a globe precious to my mom, and she yelled at him right in front of me. Needless to say, that experience scarred me for quite some time and left me hesitant to have anyone over.

We both sent texts to our parents, and surprisingly, they acquiesced to our requests and allowed my friend to come over. Continue reading


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My family members tell me that when I was little, my mom refused to change my diaper. My dad did, sometimes, but usually my grandmother would. Even at a young age, my grandmother was stepping in to provide the support I needed, when my mom wouldn’t dare to do so.

My mom made me cry a lot when I was little. Almost every day. I remember all the little mistakes I made, the endless missteps of an inexperienced toddler, always met with a sharp hand or stinging words. I don’t think I would have survived if it hadn’t been for my grandmother, who has lived with my family since the day I was born.

Every time my mother abused me, I would run to my grandmother. Continue reading


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Turning Away From Toxic

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My mother has always spewed venom at me. Barbed words that wither my soul, sharp insults that dampen my spirit, and putdowns that have perforated my self-esteem. Of course she has supplied me with many opportunities which I am grateful for, but overall, I cannot say that she has served as a shining example of the type of person, or parent, I strive to be.

She and I have a toxic relationship. When we’re together, the air is thick with tension, as I wait for her to send some stinging comment my way. I’m always on edge, my mind a mix of worry and fear and panic. I don’t dare speak, as anything I say could be used against me. I manipulate my posture perfectly so she doesn’t accuse me of standing up too straight or slouching. I think of the future, of what life will be like when I am free from the confines of this curse. Continue reading


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In the past few days, my history teacher has told me two great things. The first thing is that “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen is stuck in his head.

The second thing, and the thing that this blog post is about, is the reason I love being human. Continue reading


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The Benefits of Having Strict Parents

I haven't included a Cyanide and Happiness comic in a post for quite some time... ha.

It’s time to perform some damage control.

I admit to discussing my mom in a derogatory manner in posts like this one and hinting to her in my posts about child abuse. Although she is abusive, I don’t want people to presume that I’m an ungrateful little brat I don’t appreciate my parents. I really do.

There are the obvious things they do for me. My mom ventures out into the cruel world to provide me with sustenance, and my dad works grueling hours to pay for my expenses and future college tuition. They both buy me school supplies, the occasional book, and a variety of other material objects. Needless to say, I live a pretty nice life, and I am thankful for it.

What’s more important, at least to me, is how they raised me. By being strict and harsh, they’ve made me appreciate all the things others take for granted. They’ve given me the motivation to work harder in life.

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, I know what you’re thinking: “but Thomas, your mom is so mean! You even said so yourself!” And, yes, that’s true.

There’s a fine line between strict and abusive – but it’s a clear one, too. When you’re around strict parents, you are careful to act respectfully and be on your best behavior. When you’re around abusive parents, you’re scared of what they’ll do, even if you haven’t done anything worthy of punishment. In my opinion, abusive parents are strict parents. Of course I don’t approve of abusive parents, but I do support strict parents.

A stern and exacting parenting method is good for children because they’ll be expected to succeed. Children who have parents that care a lot about their performance are more likely to exceed than those who have parents that don’t care. Like I stated earlier, kids with parents who have rigorous expectations are motivated to put in more effort as opposed to parents that let them do whatever they want. That way, they’ll also be more prepared for all the hurdles life has to offer, unlike the kids who grow up in a bubble of unearned affection and nonexistent reprimands. They’ll also be more courteous and respectful, which is always a plus.

Please excuse the messiness of this stream-of-consciousness post, I just wanted to make it clear that I do think parents should set standards for their kids. However, I do know how suffocating extremely strict parents can be, so, like many things in life, balance is essential.

What do you think of strict parents? What were your parents like, and how has it affected who you are and how you’ve matured?


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