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Barron’s AP World History by John McCannon

Rating: 4/5 stars.

I read this book. Literally. From front to back. All 504 pages.

I feel the need to review this because I read it like I would have read any other book – except for annotating, taking the practice tests, etc. I was enrolled in AP World History from 2010-2011, got an A in the course, and received a 5 on the exam (I’m not bragging, just including the information so people know where I’m coming from).

This review book is lengthy. It’s sort of like a second textbook. There is a lot of specific information that didn’t show up on the exam, and some random facts I didn’t even learn in my AP World History class itself. The sheer depth of the material in this book is its only major downside.

However, in contrast to the the saying “less is more”, it’s probably better to know more facts (even if some of them are unnecessary) than not enough facts for the AP exam. If you’re crunched for time you can always skim the chapter overviews which provide a decent summary of the information in each section.

The practice tests in the back of the book are helpful as well. After completing each test, I went back and annotated every question I got wrong. There are also practice essays you can write.

A lot of people ask whether to buy this book or Princeton Review. From what I’ve gathered through my friends who used Princeton and my personal experience with Barron’s, it seems that Princeton is more concise while Barron’s is more verbose. Some of my friends complained that Princeton was too streamlined and didn’t have practice essays (not sure if that’s true though), while others niggled that Barron’s had too much to get through.

I know people who got 5’s using Barron’s, and I know people who got 5’s using Princeton. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference, and the fact that you’re utilizing the review book to study is already a good sign.

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Spring Break / SNSD Japan Promotions

One more school day until spring break (which lasts a week)! Oh, how I have eagerly awaited this overdue caesura of cruel school assignments. Then again, I will be working throughout the break on schoolwork as well as preparing for my AP World History exam and my SAT… I noticed that I tend to contradict myself when I have a thought that is too positive.

“What a nice day outside!” “Yeah, I wonder how nice it is for those homeless people on the street over there.” Ouch. And no, I don’t talk to myself. Well, maybe.

So to add more meaning (er, detract meaning?) from this post, I’ve decided to include updates on SNSD, aka Girl’s Generation. How much more gender-specific can a group name be? Girl’s Generation? Really? I feel sorry for the males who like this group for more than their bodies – it must be embarrassing.

“What are you listening to?” she asked him.

“Oh, uh, SNSD,” he replied.

“SNSD? Isn’t that Girl’s Generation?”

“NO – er, I mean yes,” he stuttered,” I was listening to their duo with that other group. Uh, 2PM.”

“2PM? You mean the group that has two raging homosexuals and a flamboyant cross-dresser?”

JUST KIDDING – I  have nothing against 2PM at all – they were just the first group that popped into my mind. And I really don’t hold any grudges against guys who listen to SNSD, homosexuals, or cross-dressers, considering that I am one (one of what? I will leave that up to your imagination).

Here’s the Japanese version of “Run Devil Run”:

I love this version – even though it’s the same beat and meaning as the original version of RDR I feel like it’s a new song. It might be because of the language, but either way I don’t know Japanese of Korean. It’s quickly climbing to the top of my IPod’s 25 Most Played List – or should I say, running. I would like to say that pun wasn’t intentional, but it was. Fail…

The video also appears more refined. The girls are stylish as always and their dancing is tighter than the Korean version. Taeyon looks stunning with short hair – surprisingly I recognized her. (:

And here’s the one minute high quality preview of “Mr. Taxi”:

When I told some of my Korean friends that SNSD’s new single would be called “Mr. Taxi” they literally burst out in laughter. A few months ago I probably would have done the same, but now it’s like I’ve assimilated to K-Pop culture. Sort of like how the Indians assimilated to the Aryan caste system and eventually used it as their own… am I right or am I right?

Back to the song – “Mr. Taxi” sounds like Girl’s Generation’s attempt at a techno/pop song, with a few dance beats thrown in. I’ll see how I like it when the full song is released on April 27th. A portion of their revenue from the release of these songs will be donated to the earthquake victims of Japan.

So once spring break starts I’ll try to go back to writing posts that aren’t all about K-Pop and books. Having more time should help, if I don’t waste it ogling Key use it studying diligently for all my upcoming exams.

Did someone say Key? Have a great day everyone! (image via LiveJournal)


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What I Do When I’m Sick

1) Drink a lot of water.

2) Go to Border’s and buy a Barron’s AP World History book.

3) Proceed to indulge in Caramel Pecanbon at Cinnabon in an attempt to alleviate sickness.

4) Become disappointed when sickness does not subside.

5) Feels calories and cholesterol surge through veins. Sickness increases.

6) Go to the bathroom every 15 minutes (see #1).

7) Neglect to use Barron’s AP World History book (see #2).

8 ) Run on treadmill in attempt to neutralize the negative health effects of a Cinnabon (see #3, #5).

9) Mock Rihanna’s new self-indulgent single that eludes to inappropriate behavior.

10) Run to Rihanna’s new self-indulgent single while on treadmill (see #8, #9).

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