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Key’s Art Exhibition: Pent-up Anger?

So cute, I know.


... A bit disturbing?

Last month SHINee’s Key showed 16 of his works at the Boutique Monaco Art Gallery. I’m a bit confused by some of them.

The cake is okay, I guess...

Yeah, er, that's a lot of bad words...

I’m not an artist or anything, but I think that what he’s done here is a little strange. “I love ice cream”? “Humpz”? “Fu**”?

Of course I do love Key, he is my bias. I just don’t know what to think of his rather abstract and uncouth pieces. They look like average doodles to me, but I’m not one to judge – art is a personal representation of oneself, right?

But if that’s the case, then I worry for Key. Could he secretly be harboring an anger management problem? Maybe he’s tired from promotions and working on the next album? Overflowing rage from breaking one of his nails?

Or is it a message to Shin Se Kyung, demanding that she get the hell away from Jonghyun pleading that she leave Jonghyun alone?

Then again, Jonghyun did leave this little message to Key in the gallery’s guestbook…

Jonghyun's message to Key

 English translation:

You really do everything after you grow up…
Not bad, I’m crying…keke
Anyway, a whole lot of beautiful artwork
You have to become more beautiful yourself
Nah, what I mean is that …keep progressing

Jonghyun ke

Jongkey Fighting!


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