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One Year Anniversary of the Quiet Voice!

Over half of these views probably came from searches for pictures of Enrique Iglesias and Key, but hey, I'm not complaining... actually, forget I said anything.

Over 80,000 views, 180 posts, and 100 subscribers! I am ecstatic. I won’t go into the sentimental stuff because I’ve done that before, but this blog means so much to me that I can hardly force my feelings into words.

I’ve changed a lot over the course of one year thanks to getting my thoughts out there and receiving insightful comments. I’ve stopped calling myself fat all the time, I’m controlling myself and not crying over B’s, and I’m feeling as if I’ve simply grown as a person. I hope my readers or people who have read some of my posts share this sentiment, because as much as I benefit from revealing all my deepest and darkest personal secrets for all to see sharing my opinions online, it would be nice to know that others have enjoyed what I’ve written as well.

Remember this post from about eleven months ago? Well, my bookshelf has grown…

Thanks for a wonderful year everyone! Let's make this next one even better.


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An Addiction to Myriad

Myriad (noun): a very great or indefinitely great number of persons or things.

I wish I had the “myriad” of books pictured above. Instead, I only have this…

I know, it’s horrible. I am supposedly a bibliophile, so I should have garnered more books by now… great, I have another word that is the opposite of myriad, but still starts with an m. Meager! Like my meager supply of books. Gr.

Back to the topic, I have been over-utilizing the word myriad lately. (Side note: it can also be an adjective). Here’s how a typical conversation involving the word myriad goes…

Me: Did you study for our math test today?

Friend: What!? No! We have a test today!?

Me: Yes. You should have seen the myriad of things I did to prepare. I practiced a plentiful – wait, no, a MYRIAD of proofs.

Friend: Oh no… I’m going to fail!

Me: Don’t fret. There are a myriad of things you can do to help your grade recover.

Friend: …


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