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2NE1’s “Ugly”: Song, Music Video, and Live Performance Review

“I think I’m ugly, and nobody wants to love me…”

So, like “I Am The Best”, I didn’t love this song at first listen. While IATB overwhelmed me, “Ugly” underwhelmed me. After hearing the song a few more times it grew on me, though not with the same intensity as “Lonely”, which happened to be shot in the same set as “Ugly”. The entirely English chorus impressed me despite some of the accents being off – it’s comprehensible and easy to sing along to.

Minzy shattering windows, CL kicking down trash cans, signs that actually make sense, and explosions... what else could you want?

I wasn’t blown away by the music video, but I liked it. Its storyline is simple and understandable, which is quite a feat considering a few of the recently released K-Pop music videos. The contrast and inconsistency between “I Am The Best” and “Ugly” is lessened by the MV because it shows 2NE1 still being their unrestrained selves.

Can anyone count the number of kicks in the video? One... two... seventy-nine...

I loved their live performance of “Ugly” (here’s the link). Their utilization of the stage as well as the constantly flowing choreography kept what could have been a potential disaster afloat – 2NE1 seems to be enjoying themselves as always and their boundless energy showed. The fan chant proceeding the final chorus gave me chills the first time I watched the performance.

Dara doesn't look like a super attractive and sexy model!? Could it be that she is trying to appear *gasp*... ugly?

What is your opinion of “Ugly”? Be it the song, the music video, or the live performance?

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