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Is Taylor Lautner Gay? Is Justin Bieber Really a Jerk? I Know the Answers! … Sort Of.

So, this is Taylor Lautner. He isn't, uh, bad looking, I suppose.

After fanboying over locating some pictures of Lautner, it’s understandable why some people would spend time pondering whether or not he’s homosexual. I mean, despite the fact that almost all of his fans will never ever get to engage in a romantic relationship with him, or even be friends with him (sorry if I’m breaking hearts now), it’s fun to think about. Sort of how I like to think about how awesome it would be if I were to have friends.

But the thing is, it is impossible to deduce Lautner’s sexuality unless one were to ask him themselves. That goes for any celebrity, really. Even then, he may lie to you, but still – one can waste hours wondering if that glance at Robert Pattinson in “Twilight” was filled with hidden longing, or if that gesture he made in “New Moon” actually represented his repressed desires for men, or if the second letter of every word he said in one of his interviews secretly spelled out “I like boys.” And yet, it will forever remain a mystery, because his sexual orientation is only his business and does not affect his ability to act, sing, play basketball, or look sexy at all.

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Why Are Famous People So… Famous?

As human beings, we want to remain on earth after we’ve died. We have kids because we’re genetically programmed to reproduce and continue our biological legacies. I suppose the second best thing is to leave a part of ourselves behind, even if it’s not blood-related – a well-written piece of literature, a convenient technological invention, or a movement that changes society.

I admit to being ignorant. I didn’t know who Steve Jobs was before he died or who Rick Perry was before he castigated gays. There are a lot of famous people I need to learn about, and a myriad of important societal matters that I need to be more aware of. Yet I feel as if for every amazing individual who has amassed a respectable reputation by contributing to society there is a celebrity that has detracted an equal amount of progress by being infamous or famous for no real reason.

Aren't there people with failing literacy rates living in poverty somewhere? Do they not matter? Oh wait, I forgot, we have Justin Bieber. Never mind.

Isn’t it sad that there are girls spending their time talking about or attempting to imitate idiots celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Snooki? They could be educating themselves to face the world’s problems, reading to strengthen their thinking skills, or having plain old fun with their friends outdoors. I’m not even sure why the previously mentioned people are famous – it probably involves some heated Hollywood hookup or scantily clad scandal. But why do those things matter? Have we become so incapable of enriching our lives with knowledge and healthy relationships that we must rely on insignificant, squalid forms of entertainment?

Don’t assume that I only admire those who have taken on the tough battles. I appreciate talent, too. Adele, Oprah, J.K. Rowling – these are people that deserve to be famous even if what they’ve accomplished hasn’t stopped hunger or disease. The Quiet Voice is dedicated in part to pop as well, and despite the overwhelming sexuality in American pop music lately, pop can be pretty cool when it wants to be. If only the singers sung more instead of getting arrested for driving under the influence… well, there’s always K-Pop.

Then again, K-Pop has had its fair share of scandal too. For example, SNSD's extreme dieting and their allegedly having undergone plastic surgery.

So this spur of the moment post was influenced by this video I watched in AP Lang today. I guess through this post I’m asserting how dismaying it is that people have become so entrenched in unhealthy celebrity culture that they literally depend on it for satisfaction in their own lives. It’s especially upsetting when they idolize idiots individuals that set bad examples.

How do you feel about celebrities or famous people? How much interest do you think people should invest in celebrities, and what is a healthy limit? I know that I’ve talked about Key from SHINee quite a bit on this blog, and in my defense, he does possess talent…  unlike Justin Bieber others.


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