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I Screwed Up

So, I’m not the best with technology. I made a huge mistake with this blog, and this post is simply an update on what went on behind the scenes (or the screen, if you get my flow. I’m cool.)

It took me half an hour to figure out how to place a border around pictures, and another thirty minutes to add captions. One time I sent an email to myself and thought that I received an email from someone else when the notification appeared two seconds later. Am I lonely? I don’t think so. Anyway.

Sunday night, two days ago, I changed the URL of this blog. Completely changed it. What this means is that I erased my old blog address (aka URL) and replaced it with this one: (https://thequietvoice18.wordpress.com). The blog itself is the same, but all the links to my old blog address are now broken – meaning that when someone clicks on them it leads the person to a page with nothing on it. A 404 web page, apparently.

Seeing that a multitude of people view my blog through web searches, this significantly decreased my hits. It’s almost depressing that all of my dedicated fans will search for me via Google and be heartbroken when they come across a page of nothingness. And yes, by dedicated fans, I mean the awkward fan girls looking for pictures of Key…

Just kidding, I love fan girls. (image via allkpop)

This is what I’m trying to get across: a myriad of my blog links are broken, and it will take a lot of time before Google clears their cache and replaces the old address with this new one. So if you come across any links that are not operating correctly, it would be great if you could bring them to my attention. Or you can just spam all your friends and family with this blog, therefore escalating its readership and finally forcing Google to promote it. Just kidding, I’m definitely not that desperate.

Please? (image via allkpop)


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