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Cupcakes – a Birthday Essential

So I almost decided to take the day off from blogging. Not like I think it’s a job, but because I was busy. Busy pondering how I’ll spend the $150 I got in gift card money for various bookstores, woo! Hey, it’s my birthday (or was my birthday, depending on when you read this), cut me some cake. Er, slack. I already had too much cake today… cupcakes, that is!

Look at that beautiful chocolate cupcake...

Wait, there's cheesecake inside it too? Yeah, my best friend is that skilled.

Yes, the cupcakes read "Ur Not Fat Smiley Face". Or "Ur Fat Not Smiley Face". Don't make fun of my problems... *sniff*

Other reasons why my birthday was fabulous this year:

Lady Gaga’s New Album “Born This Way” was released earlier this week, and I plan to write a full review of it or at least share my thoughts. I admit to dancing to “Schleisse” while running on my treadmill.

A food fight and a separate fight broke out during lunch today. This in itself didn’t really add to my birthday, but I felt like including it to this list. You know, so you guys know I’m safe. It would be terrible if I were to be injured on my birthday… right, guys? Right? Anyone? Anyway, this did make me question the maturity of my peers.

So You Think You Can Dance season 8 premiers tomorrow, May 26. I haven’t watched TV since high school started, 98 years ago, so I’ll have to get into the groove of things again. Not watching TV? Using the word “groove”? I sound 61, not 16…

There are a few others but it’s late and I need to read some Frankenstein before I go to bed. Have a good day tomorrow/today!


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