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Don’t Let Me Go by J.H. Trumble

Cover via Goodreads.

Rating: 3/5 stars.

I really wanted to love this book. I moved heaven and earth to find it. Well, not really – I searched all of my local libraries, and the nearby bookstores. I couldn’t buy it on Amazon in case my mom got to it before I did. I resorted to ordering it through Barnes & Noble, and I’m still not sure why Don’t Let Me Go was so difficult to obtain.

It’s like gay chick-lit, but better. The story revolves around Nate Schaper, a high school senior who has already found his soul mate. Nate and Adam are inseparable, bonded by true love that has survived huge amounts of homophobia – even a heinous hate crime. But when Adam graduates and gets an acting job in New York, their relationship is put to the ultimate test. Continue reading


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