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If I Fall

What are you most afraid of?

A question that kept me up late last night, staring at the ceiling. A question a friend asked me over dinner last night, amidst casual conversation and delicious cheesecake. A question that, while seemingly innocuous, instigated more thought than I thought it would. Continue reading



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My Seventeenth Birthday, via Instagram

So the title of this post is somewhat misleading, as I’m including all of the gifts I got yesterday but none of the events that occurred. I already wrote a post about growing up (aptly titled “Growing Up”) and my feelings about getting older a little while ago, so I’m not sure what the purpose of this post is other than to display my horrid and monstrous Instagram skills and to show why I am so thankful for my amazing friends and family. Not that material goods are what makes me appreciative, but, let the birthday gifts commence! Continue reading


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