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Titanic Made Me Cry… Shocking, I Know

I'm more than a decade late on watching Titanic, but better late than never, right?

I finally got around to watching Titanic last week. There are a lot of little things I want to discuss about this movie, but I’ll start with a summary of my feelings for it.

Titanic is a true epic movie. Though it was released in 1997, the visual effects are comparable to films being produced today. James Cameron knew what he was doing with this film – I’m not a professional movie critic or anything, but its success is undeniable. It received fourteen Academy Award nominations and won eleven Oscars, grossing over 1 billion dollars. To (not) put in eloquently, that’s pretty darn amazing.

But what really captured my heart and made this movie a favorite of mine forever was, of course, the romance. While some complain that Jack and Rose’s relationship ensconced the actual sinking of the ship and ruined the movie’s message, I disagree. Without the romantic aspect of the film few people would be able to comprehend what a disaster Titanic was. Few could understand that people actually died – people that lived and loved just as we do today.

This paragraph contains spoilers about the ending of the movie. I’m a huge romance fan, but man, did that ending make me bawl like a baby. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet conveyed their characters’ emotions so convincingly, it was hard to believe that they were acting. I cried profusely from the part where Jack was telling Rose to stay strong and never let go all the way to their reunion in what I presumed to be heaven.

So those are my thoughts on Titanic. Such a powerful movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio was quite easy on the eyes 14 years ago... (image via lookpictures.net)

I downloaded the theme song, “My Heart Will Go On”. I’m already considering playing it at my wedding if I get married:

Hopefully the 3-D re-release scheduled for April 6, 2012, will live up to the original film.



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