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It’s Not Coming Out…

No, you sickos, not that. The words!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to write. It’s my passion. I admit, however, that it can be a daunting and painful task at times. All because of writer’s block.

There are two methods I utilize when my writing spirit becomes withered by such an affliction. The first method is to remove myself completely from the project at hand – reading books, going out for a run, playing tennis, hanging out with friends, etc. When that doesn’t work, I force myself to write. This usually results in hours of staring at the computer screen until my mind conjures a neat little sentence. Which I proceed to erase a few minutes later, after realizing I forgot something important. Like a subject.

But the combination of those two actions eventually creates a completed assignment – maybe not a perfect piece, but good enough that I can come back to it and edit the errors later. At this moment, that isn’t the case.

I am struggling to write an article for my school’s newspaper, and it’s due tomorrow. The problem is an anomaly – I know what I’m writing about, I have quotes, and I’ve done my research. I just can’t get the words out. Plain and simple. Journalistic writing has never been my forte, but in the past I’ve managed to at least scrounge up a half-decent story. This time, I’m not so sure what will happen.

Have you ever dealt with writer’s block? What did you do to make it go away?


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