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So I’ve been somewhat absent and probably will continue to be for this upcoming week due to exams. Don’t misinterpret me though, it’s not like I’ve quit blogging or anything – I’m just busy.

Speaking of misinterpretations, have you ever had that moment where you realize that something you’ve said or something you’ve done may have come off the wrong way, but it’s too late to change it? Like one time I wrote a note to my friend asking if he wanted to hang out, and somehow the meaning of the note became misconstrued to the point where he assumed I was asking him on a date. And my friendship with him ceased to exist from that point on…

Gotta love Cyanide and Happiness.

The true reason I decided to make misinterpretations the topic of this post is that recently I’ve been a bit stressed out. I’m a very, very, very nice guy – just ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you (wait… I have friends?) However, when stress starts to build up I can get a little snippy and sarcastic. But only a little bit! Like instead of saying “please pass the ketchup”, I’ll say, “does it look like I have time to dip this french fry in non-existent tomato sauce!? Hand over the ketchup, freak.” Kidding! That’s something Scarlett O’Hara would say, not me. (yes… I’m reading Gone with the Wind. Longest. Book. Ever. But not bad, actually.)

Anyway, have you ever had someone misinterpret you? I think people are assuming I’m slightly sardonic, but it’s only because of the four killer exams I have this week. Then again, after re-reading my posts about why high school relationships fail, it might not be just the exams.


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