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Thomas Practices Self-Care in the Face of Anorexic Thoughts and Watches a Glorious Movie, Girlhood

Sometimes I act a little dramatic. Earlier this week, after an eyeroll-worthy email exchange, I stopped harboring feelings for the crush I held onto for the past eight months. Afterward, I thought well, if this seemingly beautiful well-read social justice-oriented hunk of a man turned out to be awful and an emotionally stunted communicator, I will literally never ever trust or date a man on this planet. On top of that update, one of my good friends, who I still care about and respect, has started prioritizing her boyfriend in her life, and I thought well, if this is happening to a person who identifies as a feminist and used to rant with me about people who over-prioritize their boyfriends, I might as well never make new friends because they’ll all eventually prioritize their boyfriends. For a day or two I felt the urge to stop eating. I thought to myself, hm, if I cannot control the quality of men that exist in a patriarchal society and I cannot control the prioritization of men and romance in a patriarchal society, then I might as well control the prominence of my ribcage. I literally felt my heart freeze up, like someone sprayed an icy mist into my chest and made my insides all cold and untrusting.

But after feeling my feelings while playing tennis at 7:30 this morning and then waiting for my tuberculosis screening in a nearby CVS, I thought to myself, wait a f-ing second, this is not who I am, I am not a fundamentally cold and untrusting person. As I guzzled a Blue Machine Naked Juice while in line at the CVS and then an Orange Fanta in my apartment, I thought I’m Thomas, who values warmth, vulnerability, and over-disclosing about my personal life on the internet, I’m not going to let some random man on the internet and the patriarchy turn me into someone I’m not. Continue reading



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Time to Laud Taylor Swift (thoughts on “Enchanted”, “Mean”, and “Safe and Sound”)

So I’ve been planning to write a post in defense of pop music, but after watching Rihanna’s uncomfortable music video and this gaudy music video from LMFAO, I’m not sure I can anytime soon. I like “You Da One” despite my inner grammar freak’s distaste towards its title (“it should be “You’re the One”! “You’re the One!”), but it would’ve been nice not to have been constantly exposed to Rihanna’s crotch-thrusting. As for “Sexy and I Know It”, I’m capable of comprehending why the song is catchy (its beat), but the plain raunchiness of it perturbs me. I’m glad Youtube added the age block to it, because I was scarred after seeing the first minute of that video – I don’t recommend you watch it unless you want some serious sexuality displayed on your computer screen.

How does this lead me to Taylor Swift? I’ve already sung her praises (get it? she’s a singer? anyway) in this post, but due to my lack of commentary on pop music lately, I’ve decided to publish some mini-reviews/thoughts on her latest work. I’m not her hugest fan, but I respect how she keeps her work clean yet still catchy and relatable. Not that I have anything against slightly sexual music, but there are limits – limits that were clearly broken in LMFAO’s most recent video.

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“Dirty Dancer” – Why Enrique Iglesias, Why?

Even his hotness can't hide his lackluster songs... (image via hdmusicvids.com)

I think I’ve lost my respect for Enrique Iglesias.

As I posted in my thoughts on his song “Tonight”, Iglesias used to produce such great songs. Who can forget this?

Something went terribly wrong. Ten years later, he’s resorting to saturating his songs with sex to appeal to the mainstream music crowd. I’m not a pop music aficionado, but at least I think that’s what he’s attempting to do – otherwise, why would he bring himself down to that level when he has the potential to do so much more?

“Dirty Dancer” is, well, dirty. The lyrics can be summarized as him singing about a dancer (see, stripper) who really wants “it”. I know, such deep and meaningful stuff. I suppose that the song itself can be catchy, as I’ve had friends and acquaintances who have gotten the song stuck in their heads, but I can’t bring myself to like it at all.

Hey, it’s just pop music, right? Who cares as long as this is confined to the clubs?

If that was the case and “Dirty Dancer” was restricted from being aired on the radio, I wouldn’t mind it as much. However, the other day my nine-year-old cousin heard this song and started singing along. Thank goodness she didn’t understand what she was saying. Unfortunately, there are pre-teens who can grasp what a “dirty dancer” is or use Google to find out. That isn’t that bad because they’re going to find out about those things when they’re older anyway, right?

Wrong. My main issue with “Dirty Dancer” is the way Enrique Iglesias presents women within the context of the lyrics and the video. He makes it seem like they’re crazed sex fiends when they’re really not – he’s just imagining them to be that way, or utilizing them in that sense for his music video. Essentially, it’s demoralizing to the female gender and that type of message should not be allowed to influence people.

I can see the slight double standard here. Why can Katy Perry and Rihanna include sexual themes in their music but not Enrique Iglesias? Isn’t that sexist in itself?

Not really, because while Katy Perry and Rihanna are singing about melting popsicles and S&M, Iglesias is doing more than that – he’s undermining women and beguiling people to believe that they can be taken advantage of. Which is clearly incorrect.

He's not doing much in the video besides sitting around and acting amused... I've seen better.

Oh, here’s the link to the video. It’s extraordinarily explicit. You’ve been warned.

What are your thoughts on “Dirty Dancer” and the degradation of Enrique Iglesias? Or do you think what he’s doing is just fine?


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