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Kevin Woo Has Abs. MIND. BLOWN.

So I was watching the music video for U-Kiss’s “Shut Up” when I saw this:

Hot, sweaty, half-naked U-Kiss members? Fangirl heaven. (cough, fanboys too)

Now, okay, attractive men are nice and all – but what the heck Kevin has abs oh my holy purple dinosaur. If you can’t see what I mean in the picture above (he’s the one holding the shirt), let me display another piece of evidence:

Kevin Woo's scary, er, hot abs via miserableattbest.deviantart.com

Allow me to reiterate part of this post’s title: MIND. BLOWN. Not only because that’s really great for him, I guess, but because it contradicts everything I know regarding Kevin’s personality, mannerisms, character, etc.

As my friend and fellow blogger the innocent lam puts it, Kevin is a “uke” – she states that he possesses “distinctly feminine facial features, a soft and pretty voice, is slender and delicate, and comes off as cute, shy, naive and unresisting.” And I 100% agree with that. In fact, many fangirls (and some fanboys, heh) are jealous of Kevin’s fabulously feminine frame, which rivals that of female K-Pop idols. Just look at this picture:

Kevin pretending to be a girl. (S)he's so pretty!

What I’m getting at is that Kevin’s cute and gentle mannerisms combined with his effeminate and spare body-shape does not mesh with him having abs. At all. Imagine T.O.P wearing a pink mini-skirt. It just doesn’t work out. 2 + 2 = 5.

Surely this will work itself out eventually. It’s not impossible for Kevin to dance to girl group songs superbly and have a tone, chiseled chest at the same time. Though it is difficult to process, at least for me. So skinny and slender yet sexy and fit… the fact that I’m getting worked up about this may exemplify the gender distinctions present within my mind that don’t deserve to be there.

Have you seen any other male like Kevin (pretty, but with a splendid stomach too)? What do you think of Kevin’s abs? Initially I thought they were kind of creepy, but now I’m leaning toward so hot so hot so hot so hot accepting them as a sign of his dedication to healthiness.


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