Thoughts on Taylor Swift “Begin Again” Music Video

Last week, Taylor Swift released her album Red. Earlier this week, she released the music video for one of the songs on her album, “Begin Again.” Though neither impressed me, I’m not sure I have the stamina to go through every song on her album – so this will suffice for now.

It is guaranteed that T-Swift will be gorgeous in all of her music videos. Even when she’s twirling around in a thin dress on top of a building in Paris.

As most fans noticed, Swift took a more hybrid approach in terms of her music on Red. “Begin Again” is actually one of the more country songs on the album, and has her softly-spoken lyrics meshed with light guitar chords in the background. On the upside, the song shows Swift’s maturity and has a calm, floaty feel to it that isn’t in your face or obnoxious. It’s peaceful and plays out like a sweet little story.

However, similar to how I feel about the rest of her new album, I expected a bit more. “Begin Again” acts as the typical Taylor Swift song about recovering from a breakup through finding another guy. This time it’s in a cafe in Paris, which gave the music video a wider perspective and a refreshing change of setting. Unfortunately, the song itself suffers from how Swift sings about her relationship with a boy in a non-unique way – it’s not the subject matter that dissatisfies me as much as how she approached it.

Taylor Swift, in a cafe, on a Wednesday. If only attractive men in America also randomly approached people sitting in public places. If only.

What are your thoughts on “Begin Again”, whether they be about the song or the music video? Hopefully I didn’t come across as too harsh in that last paragraph – I like the song, but I don’t love it. On a random note, once again, Swift has made me feel the need to find some guy to break my heart just so I can listen to this song and fully empathize with it. Hopefully this feeling is temporary.


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