I Have a Twitter!/U-Kiss’s “Neverland”

So this is a short little personal update, I wanted to let you guys know I finally created an account on Twitter! You can push the button on the right to follow me. I currently have zero followers, which is indicative of the lack of friends I have in real life.

Anyway, have you ever noticed how much time social networking takes? After creating my account on Twitter I had to share it with all of my friends (I have friends?) on Facebook, now I’m writing this post, and then I’ll have to write a tweet or something… my quadratic equations and rhetorical analysis assignments are waiting for me! How will I survive without doing my homework!? (at this point I’m not even sure if I’m being sarcastic…)

Just so people can’t accuse me of not including any content in this post, here’s the song I’ve been listening to nonstop lately:

“Neverland” is a fantastic amazing club/workout song, and its beat is amazingly addictive – I’ve never been a big fan of U-Kiss, but I’ll have to reconsider that listening to this song so extensively.

Kevin can definitely take me to Neverland... wait, I mean Key. Now I have two attractive, girl-group dancing male K-Pop idols to fanboy!

How many social networking sites do you use? I use four – Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, and WordPress. How often do you use your social networking sites? And if you’re also a fan of U-Kiss’s “Neverland” or U-Kiss’s Kevin, let me know!


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19 responses to “I Have a Twitter!/U-Kiss’s “Neverland”

  1. Cara

    Oh yes those quadractic equations:D Not so bad actually, but if you mess up one step it’s over (well not really of course just gotta do it over again, very annoying).

  2. Dan

    I use Twitter, FB, Goodreads and Blogger/Wordpress (I just transferred my blog over to WordPress.) I also like last.fm which follows my music listens and I’ve really been into turntable.fm these days as well, although both of those are more about the music than the social aspect.

    My relationship with FB is rocky – too many people from too many places in my life – but I do like Twitter quite a bit!

    • Wow, excluding Blogger we use the same social networks. (: If you could supply a link to your WordPress blog I would love to check it out.

      Like other commenters have said, I think Facebook is more for personal posts while Twitter is more like a “post whatever you’re up to” type of site. They both are quite fun.

  3. Scala

    I have active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and YouTube. Facebook is a daily staple for getting updated on schoolwork, friends, etc. I like that it provides easy access to other people. Response is more immediate in Facebook, as compared to Twitter. I use Twitter just to follow (not necessarily to socialize), and post things I don’t usually share on FaceBook. WordPress is for journaling, and YT account for liking and saving videos.

    Anyway, have you ever considered vlogging?

    • Hm, I see – I feel the same way about Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress – I used to have a Youtube account a couple of years ago but now I don’t. I’m considering getting one again, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

      No, I don’t vlog. I’ve always wanted to try it but I’m intimidated by the technical aspect of it. Besides basic things like using the internet and Microsoft applications like Word and Powerpoint, I’m not so good with computers. -_-

      Do you vlog?

      • kfronda

        I tried. Once. Same feeling. It’s awkward talking to a camera. But it’s a nice thing to watch afterwards. It feels like seeing yourself in another person’s POV. Lol!

  4. I enjoy using WordPress a lot, started twitter some weeks ago and loving it, Facebook is for catching up with friends I know in real life basically.

  5. You probably know about Jokwon and his kkab dancing too, but have you heard of Sungjong from Infinite? I swear, that baby puts Key to shame xD

  6. And speaking of social networks ohohohoho
    Facebook, YouTube (im very active and have lots of videos but few subscribers/views >.>), Blogspot, G+ (only cuz gmail forced me to…), Tumblr, Livejournal, DeviantArt, and some other smaller sites that I havent checked in years. For some reason, I have never felt compelled to make a Myspace or Twitter even tho tons of kpop idols have Twitters. Odd.
    lol this makes me sound like a loser xD

    • I had not heard of Sungjong, but I just saw the clip of him dancing to “Bubble Pop”… and I admit that he could be competition to Key as ultimate girl group dance champion.

      Wow, that’s a lot! You must really know your away around the internet. Myspace is kind of dead (no offense to Myspace fans) and Twitter isn’t bad but I think you can live without it.

      What do you post on Youtube? Song covers? Dance covers? Original stuff?

  7. KaramelKissMe

    Came across this article while sifting through the net reading U-Kiss stuff. Neverland was my first state of them. Since then, I’ve bought all their albums and have a small army of saved videos and live performance clips. (such bliss!)

    Kevin is my absolute favorite. Without a single DOUBT. I fell hard the moment I saw him in guyliner that took down everyone I know -including me- and I’m a makeup artist! I usually can’t get into effeminate males, but
    he’s a living slice of perfection. <33

    And yes, he has abs! (Saw your other post, too). It shocked me to tiny pieces when I saw his body. He can use a little more mass like Eli has (He's so thin), but just knowing there’s candy beneath the wrapper is enough! *slurp*

    Thanks for sharing that GIF. Think I’ll go stare at it now…

    • Ah yes, a fellow Kevin bias! He’s like the perfect blend of blissful femininity (the eyeliner and his behavior) and masculinity (his body). He is really thin, but I think that’s one of his trademark traits – I wouldn’t mind if he put on a little weight, but hey, your candy analogy hits the nail on the head.

      You’re welcome! And thank you for reading and commenting. (:

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