SHINee’s Japanese “Juliette” PV: Key Highlights and Screenshots

So I was actually disappointed with this video. I’m still a SHINee fan, but for some reason ever since their Japanese debut my dedication as a Shawol has slightly declined. Maybe it’s because they’re just re-releasing old songs or that their music video concept (five guys going after one girl) is getting overdone.

I’m not a Jonghyun bias or Taemin anti, but it seems unfair that Taemin has been receiving Jonghyun’s lines – it’s not like Taemin’s singing is bad, but the song just feels… off, without Jjong in his rightful position as lead vocalist. I understand that Taemin is popular in Japan and SM is trying to take advantage of that, but if you have one member that’s well-liked, why not make the other members favored as well? Besides, Taemin is already the central dancer during the chorus.

Well, now that that rant is done, I’ll move on to what I usually do when SHINee is concerned: Key fanboying! His voice was so hot like wow singing wasn’t that bad and he had his moments in the PV, like…

At 0:18 and 2:15 Key does this move I call the "Key Claw". It reminds me of Lady Gaga. One smart Youtube commenter said that what he does at 0:18 is what he'll do to Jonghyun if he gets another girlfriend. Win.

At 1:19 you are a given a glimpse of Key's sexy yellow boxers and his flat stomach. If only the entire video was like this...

And at 3:20 you can view a nice profile of Key, including an interesting ear piercing.

What do you think of “Juliette”? Hit or miss? Is it better or worse than the original? Let me hear your opinions!



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8 responses to “SHINee’s Japanese “Juliette” PV: Key Highlights and Screenshots

  1. Carol Ann

    Wow I really like your blog! Ok it’s not really fair for you that I say so after reading something like 3 posts, and the three of them were related to Key! I’m sorry hahaha! (Well I also liked your post about Bubble Pop and Joon :P)

    So to answer your question, I would say I liked it, as much as it’s possible for me to like Juliette (a song I never LOVED that much in the first place). I know what you mean about Taemin getting all the lines…I also think it’s sad for Jonghyun…at least Taemin really improved his singing because otherwise it might be really painful for our ears!

    So generally speaking, I prefer this version over the first one…first of all Taemin is getting really hot (ok ok he’s still quite young…I’m like 23 so yes yes pedonoona I am I know…and I assume) and well all of them are pretty hot in fact XD . I don’t really like that weird pink band around Key’s hair though. But well.

    Ok Let’s make it easy.

    5 things I liked in this video :
    -Key’s voice
    -Jonghyun with his grey lenses
    -All the scenes filmed in that room with the checkered floor (like when we see Key’s yellow boxers and flat stomach)
    -Their amazing dancing skills (as usual)

    Things I disliked (could not find 5)
    -Key’s pink band
    -Their rainbowpantaphilia
    -Minho’s rap (no idea why)

    Oh and I really agree with that comment about the key claw move and Jonghyun getting another girlfriend HAHAHA!!

    • Ha ha no it’s okay, you can like my blog just because of my Key-related posts. (; I’ve written quite a few about him though not that many recently, one of my favorites has to be my compilation of his top ten girl group dances. If you haven’t read it already, you can find it here:

      I agree, “Juliette” has never been one of their best songs (at least to me) and it’s a good thing Taemin’s voice is passable or else it would be painful to listen to.

      I have the same general likes and dislikes as you, though SHINee has always been known to promote their femininity through tight jeans and rainbow-colored clothing. I also think Key’s pink band is cute, but mainly because it’s hard for me to say anything bad about Key… his wardrobe designers are always making him wear pink so I can see why it could get bothersome.

      Thanks for stopping by! (:

  2. Sabz

    Why is he so sexy!!!?

  3. The only thing that I hate of that video is that I’m not the girl of the hite dress ._:

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